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Diesel Power

Here at BMWMAN we can offer you a new service that helps combat the onslaught of spiralling costs for the BMW Diesel motorist.

We now offer a service that can increase your MPG by up to 20%, provide a smoother delivery of power and increase your driving pleasure, complimenting your ultimate driving machine. All BMW Diesel engines are compatible from DDE v2 onwards (1994).

Please be aware this is a quality enhancement and not a remap. At no point is any software or hardware removed or replaced. This service is immune to software upgrades, so once it's been done, thats it!

Don't get locked in time with remaps, work with what BMW designed!

This service costs £99 inc VAT. Remapping companies sell this service for £300 plus, depending on model.

"Most people believe that because they own a BMW only BMW can work on it. That's not true. There are many BMW specialists out there that will look at your car, but they tend to only deal with the engine, gearbox and running gear.

BMWMAN has the ability to access everything about your car."