Services Retro-Fitting


BMWMAN doesn't just find faults with your car, we can unlock the potential of your car!

Have you ever looked through your manual and wondered if you have a certain optional extra fitted? We have. And it always seemed to turn out that we didn't have it, but that doesn't mean you cant! This is called retro fitting.

Retro fitting is an optional extra that could have been fitted when the car was manufactured, but is instead fitted post manufacture. We have experience with liasing with BMW to now bring you those original BMW accessories at non-dealership prices. Retrofits include voice control satellite navigation, ipod control in your iDrive and passenger airbag disable switches to name a few. If your car supports it – we can fit it!

"Most people believe that because they own a BMW only BMW can work on it. That's not true. There are many BMW specialists out there that will look at your car, but they tend to only deal with the engine, gearbox and running gear.

BMWMAN has the ability to access everything about your car."