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Software Updating

BMW's that have been developed in the past ten years will conform to 'Circuit 2000′. Which means that they will harness the new fibre optic system that controls all the Infotainment System.

As more and more modern portable media devices hit the market BMW releases new updates that allow the integration of such items into older vehicles. For example the Apple iPhone has Bluetooth integration issues on certain models. BMWMAN can offer you the option for updating the entire software of your car to the latest integration level. Please contact us for further details.

If you are the privileged owner of BMW Connected Drive then you can perform the update with a USB device. BMW CONNECTED DRIVE

"Most people believe that because they own a BMW only BMW can work on it. That's not true. There are many BMW specialists out there that will look at your car, but they tend to only deal with the engine, gearbox and running gear.

BMWMAN has the ability to access everything about your car."