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Used Car Health Check

To compliment the diagnostic service currently available, we offer our services to future BMW owners.

On request we can perform vehicle health checks on the car to make sure that the car you're buying is fault free and functioning as it was intended with the correct mileage downloaded out the car and from BMW to corroborate the service stamp in that all-important service book. Removing the worry of second hand purchases making sure your getting what you're paying for.

We have found new drivers of BMW's to be unaware of an under-performing engine as they have no base for comparison. When a BMW engine experiences a fault it will continue to start as normal and appear to run fine. However underneath the bonnet the computer is compensating for the fault allowing you to continue driving unaware. You would think that the engine lamp would illuminate indicating a problem, this is only true if the fault relates to the emissions system. Other than that the computer will disable performance enhancing systems to allow you to continue about your business. These faults are only visible with specialist equipment and often surprise customers with the benefits of repair.

"Most people believe that because they own a BMW only BMW can work on it. That's not true. There are many BMW specialists out there that will look at your car, but they tend to only deal with the engine, gearbox and running gear.

BMWMAN has the ability to access everything about your car."